Sharon Stone

SVP Operations / Co-Owner

Sharon Stone is the Senior Vice President of Operations and co-owner of Nushon. Stone has collaborated with several San Diego natives with innovation business ventures. She oversees the day to day operations of the team. She provides growth strategies and executive guidance. Her responsibilities include a variety of applications from product deployment to customer support. She continues to refine and streamline Nushon’s operations to provide a solid foundation for growth and expansion.

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Deby Cowan

SVP Finance / Co-Owner

With over 30 years management experience, Deby (Deborah) Cowan is responsible for managing the daily operations of Nushon, including accounting, human resources, and forecasting. Cowan has a long and dedicated career in the education and non-profit industry. Her responsibilities include finance, accounting, treasury, and management of Nushon and Belles Dames Corporation’s. She continues to provide dedication to Nushon while maintaining ownership of her non-profit dog treat organization.

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Deanna Cowan

SVP Sales and Marketing / Co-Owner

As the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing and co-owner of Nushon, Deanna Cowan wears many hats. Cowan oversees all sales and business development activities and is responsible for implementing the company’s growth strategy. Under Cowan’s executive leadership, Nushon is expanding its sales presence nationally. Cowan’s career expands 8 years with the State of California, San Diego local news stations, and a worldwide training company in such job roles of PR Representative, Marketing Specialist, National Account Executive, and Sports Field Reporter.

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